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Overweight and Depressed

In Your Health Minute, A new study reveals obesity can cause depression even when there are not other health problems. Researchers in the UK looked at the medical and genetic information of over 300-thousand people. They found the psycohlogical impact…

New Way to Prevent Sports Injuries

Not far from baseball fields and tennis courts, a computer-filled room just as important to athletes as the space they practice in, IMG's Motus Biomechanics Lab. Developing technology to help athletes, whether testing a golf swing, a lacrosse shot or…

The Dee Armstrong Show 03-01-17

Kyla Mims and Frank G. Lumpkin IV share more on the attributes that leaders possess that makes them a leader and the importance of joining an organization like the Youth Advisory Council. 

The Dee Armstrong Show 02-13-17

Emmy Award Winning TV Show Host, Aurea McGarry, shares her story of coming from a abusive relationship and battling cancer to becoming a successful author and businesswoman.

The Dee Armstrong Show 02-09-17

Kim McFaline and Thomas Wright of iLoveKickboxing wants to help you, "Shred Your Ex", this Valentine's to help shred pounds, learn self-defense and shred the negative energy out of your life.