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Columbus Lions re-sign veteran DB

COLUMBUS, GA, January 4, 2017 -- Head Coach and Director of Football Operations Jason Gibson today announced that veteran defensive back Chris Smith has signed a 2017 contract to return to the Columbus Lions, now members of the National Arena…

Scholar Athlete: Harris County basketball player, AJ Coker

With a 6'4" frame, AJ Coker is used to getting attention.   "I've always been the tallest kid and everybody always sees me and says oh you have to play basketball," he said. "I just laugh and it's always been a normal thing for me."   The Harris County senior is an up and coming name according to his head coach. His hard work ethic in the off-season has earned him a starting spot on the Tigers varsity squad. It hasn't been easy getting to this

CSU women's soccer headed to the Final Four

The fifth-ranked Columbus State University women's soccer team is headed to the NCAA Division II Tournament Final Four. Mandy Janowitz scored the game-winning goal in double overtime on Sunday to give the Cougars a 2-1 victory over 16th-ranked West Florida. The win sends the Lady Cougars to the Final Four for the second straight season. "The feeling is so surreal," Janowitz said. "Just being here and having the opportunity to play with this good of a group of girls an...

Scholar Athlete: Central tight end, Bryce Wade

A few years ago, Bryce Wade made the decision to transfer schools. "I wanted to be a part of a football team, public school, 7A, the highest you could get," he said. "I wanted to win state."   The former Glenwood Gator has been a Central Red Devil since his sophomore year and is happy with his decision.  But he's made one other decision that's paid off. The former defensive lineman is now a tight end.   "Making the switch, it was all different,...

Scholar Athlete: Columbus cheerleader, Christin Walls

Being a cheerleader isn't easy. Just ask Columbus High's Christin Walls.   "People don't realize how much goes in to preparing for a routine," Walls said. "We do workouts 5 days a week during the summer just to get ready to even be able to throw this."   It's a physical sport that requires a lot of time, strength and determination.  It may not look like a difficult sport from the outside, but Walls insists there's more to it than meets the eye.  ...

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