Government Contracting & Small Business Certifications

July 10, 2019 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Cunningham Conference Center
3100 Gentian Blvd
Deborah Free
Government Contracting & Small Business Certifications @ Cunningham Conference Center |  |  |

Diversify your Customer Base with Public Sector Procurement.

There is federal, state, and local procurement. The federal government alone typically purchases $400+ BILLION in goods and services — from light bulbs to PR, and from landscaping services to food products. Last year, over $100 billion was awarded to small businesses. So, the opportunity here is tremendous. However, new small business entrants to government contracting in general face significant time-consuming and costly challenges.

Considering government contracting? Is your business ready for the shift to B2G? Learn how to gain a strategic foothold in public sector procurement and how certifications can help. We look at federal contracting for small business as an example.

Attend this introductory program to understand the typical procurement process and how you can more efficiently gain a foothold in federal contracting. Also, learn about related small business certifications and how to leverage them.

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