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Female Veterans and Dementia

In Your Health Minute, Female military veterans who have physical or emotional trauma long after their service may have a higher risk of dementia. Researchers from the University of California tracked over 100 thousand older women who had served in…

Don't Sleep Too Long

In Your Heart Health, The amount of time you sleep could affect your risk of cardiovascular disease and early death. That's according to a new global study of over…

Overweight and Depressed

In Your Health Minute, A new study reveals obesity can cause depression even when there are not other health problems. Researchers in the UK looked at the medical and genetic information of over 300-thousand people. They found the psycohlogical impact…

Alcohol Screenings

In Your Health Minute, A government task force recommends all adults , including pregnant women, be screened for unhealthy alcohol use. The panel of medical experts says…

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