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School Board Member’s Bootygate Draws Public Ire

Maggie Reese Launches PR Campaign In Response To Fat Shaming Incident

One School Board member’s comments on social media is drawing the public’s ire. Frank Myers has generated his share of controversy during his tenure on the Muscogee County School Board but it took Myers zeroing in on a young woman’s behind , editing a photo to fat shame¬† on social media to push the people over the edge. Frank Myers…

2M Payout for Police Shooting of Columbus Native

Fight for Information about Police Shooting Reaches Federal Court

The police shooting that claimed the life of Columbus native Autumn Steele will cost the city of Burlington Iowa $2 million dollars. What the settlement says in part is that the City of Burlington, Iowa and it’s Police Department would rather ante up two million dollars than tell the public the whole truth about the police shooting that took the…

Local YouTube Stars Rescue Family in River

Brandon Jordan and Jake Koehler Capture Rescue Mission on Camera

YouTube Stars came to the rescue of a stranded family Monday. The popular pair of divers viewed by millions on YouTube turned from treasure hunters to river heroes after rescuing that stranded family, hand delivering their own life jackets. Law Enforcement tells First News it should have never happened. “How’s it going man? ” “Are you guys recreational diving?” “You…

Native American Youth

Your Health Minute

  Researchers study the lives of Native American youth. In Your Health Minute, Another new study reveals drug and alcohol use is higher among Native American Youth. Researchers at Colorado State University surveyed over 16-hundred students living on or near reservations. Native American middle schools were nearly five times more likely to use marijuana than their non native peers. 40…

Bernice King Denounces Trump in M.L.K. Day Speech

1/4 Show Caption Hide Caption 2/4 Show Caption Hide Caption 3/4 Show Caption Hide Caption 4/4 Show Caption Hide Caption President Trump and his reported comments about African nations were denounced at the annual Doctor Martin Luther King, Junior Commemorative Service at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta today. Doctor King’s daughter Bernice King told congregates that their voices were needed…

Chocolate Extinct by 2050 Due to Climate Change?


1/1Could chocolate go extinct by 2050? Show Caption Hide Caption (CNN) – Chocolate could become a thing of the past, and it’s all due to climate change. Scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are predicting that cacao plants are likely to go extinct as early as 2050. The plants, which are used to make chocolate and cocoa powder,…

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Doug Jones winning the U.S. Senate seat for Alabama has the internet talking. Check out the #ThankYouAlabama segment of Trending Topics.   Follow Mallory: Facebook Twitter Instagram  

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1/3 Show Caption Hide Caption 2/3 Show Caption Hide Caption 3/3 Show Caption Hide Caption President Trump signed two proclamations today that significantly reduce the size of Utah s “Bears Ears” and “Grand Staircase-Escalante” National Monuments, marking the largest ever withdrawal of federally protected lands in the U.S. Bears Ears will be reduced down to around 200,000 acres from 1.35…

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    On #GivingTuesday is a day inspired by the billions of dollars spent on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. See what folks online are saying about the #TrendingTopic with Mallory Hagan.   Follow Mallory: Facebo

Trending Topics with Mallory Hagan


Another mass shooting at First Baptist Sutherland Springs has the internet discussing #GunReform and #MentalHealth yet again. Mallory Hagan shares viewer responses during #TrendingTopics. Follow Mallory: Facebook Twitter Instagram