Antibiotics Prescribed According to Race


    Study shows antibiotics being prescribed based on race. A new study uncovers racial differences in unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions written for kids in emergency rooms. Researchers at Children’s National Health  System analyzed data on nearly 40-thousand E-R visits. Most patients were about 3 years old. White patients were twice as likely as blacks and latino children to receive antibiotics…

Cell Phones Don’t Appear to Harm Fetuses


A new study indicates cell phones are not harmful to fetuses. Are cell phones harmful to developing fetuses? A new study puts to rest any concerns pregnant women might have about using their cell phones. Some conflicting animal studies suggested radio frequency electro-magnetic fields might harm developing fetuses. However, when Norwegian researchers analyzed data on 45-thousand mothers and their offspring…

Pets Help Kids Deal with School Stress


A pet can help your kids anxiety over school issues. As the school year gets underway many students are already feeling stressed out. But, spending some time with a furry friend could help. Researchers in Canada found a 20- minute session with a therapy dog significantly reduced stress in college students. The students also felt less homesick and a stronger…

Sports is Good for the Mind Too!


Sports exercises your mind and body. Participating in a sport is another great way to improve students physical and mental well being. According to the government’s office of adolescent health, athletics help kids build positive connections with adults. Sports also encourage risk taking, improve leadership skills and promote healthy habits at a young age.

What if Your Child Doesn’t Make the Team?


How to teach your kids they won’t always win. What if your child does not make the team? Experts with the Baylor College of Medicine say its important for parents to show they are proud no matter what. Help your child let go of their frustration or anger and accept their situation. Lastly, encourage them to work on improving, so…

Why do I Yawn When You Yawn?


    Yawns are contagious, but why? There is an answer to a question some of us may have lost sleep over.  It’s, ‘Why are yawns contagious?’ A new study suggests contagious yawning might be triggered by reflexes in the area of the brain responsible for motor function. It’s similar to what happens when we imitate other accents without even…

More Education Could Lead to a Longer Life


The longer you stay in school the longer you live.   More years of education often leads to a better career and a healthier heart! British researchers looked at over 150 genes linked with years of schooling from over a half million men and women. They found people who were genetically predisposed to more education were less likely to develop…

Surviving a Cardiac Arrest Could Depend on Where you Live


Where you live can affect your chance of surviving a heart attack. Surviving cardiac arrest might depend on where you live. A Duke University study found 47-percent of people in mostly white neighborhoods received CPR from a bystander. But in predominately black areas only 18 percent got immediate help. Researchers say delays in CPR or defibrillation translated into a much…

Not Qualified to Perform Plastic Surgery


Check credentials before submitting to plastic surgery.c A new warning about cosmetic surgery procedures advertised on social media. Scientists at Northwestern University found only 18-percent of plastic surgery posts on instagram are from licensed surgeons. Instead, barbers, hair salons, dentists and non-certified doctors are marketing procedures they are not trained to do. Experts say young people are especially at risk…

US clears breakthrough gene therapy for childhood leukemia

1/2Novartis Pharmaceuticals Show Caption Hide Caption 2/2US clears breakthrough gene therapy for childhood leukemia Show Caption Hide Caption WASHINGTON (AP) — Opening a new era in cancer care, U.S. health officials on Wednesday approved a breakthrough treatment that genetically engineers patients’ own blood cells into an army of assassins to seek and destroy childhood leukemia. The Food and Drug Administration…