Bad Fats have Huge Effect on Multiple Sclerosis

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  Saturated fats bad for kids with multiple sclerosis. In Your Health Minute, a high fat diet might increase the risk of a relapse in kids with multiple sclerosis. In fact, the risk of relapse tripled for each 10 percent increase in calories from saturated fats. On the other hand each additional cup of veggies eaten, cut the risk of…

Study finds Ibuprofen can be Safe for Kids

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  Doctors say it’s ok to give small children ibuprofen after surgery. In Your Health News, Ibuprofen is a safe and effective pain reliever for children undergoing minor surgery. A new British study followed over 150 children who were given ibuprofen or oral morphine after an orthopedic procedure. Both groups had a similar amount of pain relief. But morphine was…

Latino Immigrant Children Less Stressed than US Children

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  Increased poverty doesn’t seem to increase the stress in the lives of Latino immigrant children.   In Your Health News immigrant Latino children face more poverty, but, fewer stressful events than those born in the U.S. New data shows 80 percent of immigrant Latino families live at or below the poverty level compared to 47 percent of U-S natives….

Trump Administration Rolls Back Affordable Care Act Birth Control Rules

1/1 Show Caption Hide Caption The Trump administration is allowing more employers to opt out of providing no-cost birth control to women for religious and moral reasons. The administration issued a revision to obama-Obamaules that require most companies to provide birth control as preventive care for women, at no additional cost. Under today’s rule changes entities that have sincerely held…

Kids Who Don’t Eat Veggies Likely to Suffer later

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  Childhood eating habits can greatly affect later years. In Your Health Minute , a new study reveals teens who don’t eat their veggies could face heart issues later in life. Adolescents who consumed the least vitamin-k had triple the risk for an enlargement of the major pumping chamber of the heart. Experts say a larger heart is less efficient…

Wash Your Hands Frequently to Avoid the Flu

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Hand washing one of the most effective ways to avoid the flu. In Your Health Minute, one of the best ways to avoid the flu is to wash your hands. In fact, a recent experiment involving a group of second graders helped them understand the importance of hand hygiene. Researchers used black lights to show the children how hand washing…

Flu Season Continues into the Fall

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Summer flu season is ending and fall and winter flu season about to begin. In Your Health Minute, the latest on the summer flu season. Researchers with the Centers for Disease Control say flu activity was lot between May and September. But, there were reports of seasonal cases and outbreaks during the summer months.   And while the worst of…

Watching Hockey Gets Your Heart Rate Up Significantly

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Hockey fans really raise their heart rates. In Your Health Minute, watching hockey could put stress on your heart. Canadian scientists found the heart rate of Hockey fans increased by 75 percent when watching a game on T-V and by 110 percent when watching in person. That’s the equivalent to the stress caused by vigorous exercise. Experts suggest watching and…

Heart Attack Patients Dropping Out of the Workforce

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  Many heart attack patients do not remain in the work force. In ‘Your Health Minute,” a new Danish study reveals many people who return to work after a heart attack end up quitting. Of the 22-thousand patients who were employed before a heart attack, 91 percent returned to work. But, nearly a fourth of them left their jobs to…

Resistance Training Strengthens Bones in Older Women

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  Even older women benefit from weight training. In ‘Your Health Minute,”  high intensity strength training is safe and beneficial for older women with low bone mass. That’s according to a new study conducted in Australia. Just 30 minutes of resistance and impact training twice a week improved bone density, structure and strength in women with osteoporosis.   Even women…