Views on Marijuana

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Researchers say marijuana is addictive and does not provide a wide range of health benefits.   In Your Health Minute, Many Americans overestimate the health benefits of marijuana and underestimate the risks. Researchers from the University of California in San Francisco surveyed 16-thousand adults about their views on marijuana. More than a third believed the drug helps treat pain, insomnia…

Study: Diet Soda Reduces Colon Cancer Recurrence


1/1Study: Diet soda reduces colon cancer recurrence Show Caption Hide Caption (CNN) – We hear a lot about diet soda being bad for our health, but now we’re learning it could help fight off colon cancer. Researchers from the Yale Cancer Center studied more than a thousand cancer patients over seven years. Their results showed those who drank at least…

Gluten Free, Is it Worth It?

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Researchers say read the label to see if gluten free is better. In Your Health Minute, Gluten free has certainly been a grocery store buzzword in recent years, but, are gluten free foods targeted at kids actually healthier for them? A new study from Canada examined the nutritional content of such products. Gluten-free products were not nutritionally better than comparable…

Diabetes and Cancer

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  Could diabetes be linked to cancer? In Your Health Minute, A new global study reveals having diabetes significantly raises the likelyhood of developing cancer. And women are especially at risk. Diabetic women were more likely to develop any form of cancer but, particularly leukemia and cancers of the stomach mouth and kidney.  

Dementia Awareness

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Most adults with dementia are not aware they have it. In Your Health Minute, A majority of older adults with dementia don’t even know they have it. That’s according to researchers from Johns Hopkins University. They studies nearly 600 adults who met the criteria for dementia. Nearly 60 percent had never been diagnosed with the condition and 20 percent were…

Study: ADHD, Teen Digital Media Use Linked


1/1New study finds heavy digital media use linked to increased risk of ADHD symptoms among teenagers. Show Caption Hide Caption (CNN) – A new study may give parents another reason to limit teenagers’ digital media use or at least try. Researchers at the University of Southern California found a link between heavy use of digital media and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. The…

Heart Attacks During Pregnancy

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More women having heart attacks during pregnancy. In Your Health Minute,   The risk of having a heart attack while pregnant is on the rise. A new study from New York University found heart attacks among expectant mothers increased 25 percent over the past decade. Researchers suggest the growing number of older moms is one possible reason for the increase….

Do Probiotics Work?

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Researchers try to discover if probiotics really work. In Your Health Minute, Millions of Americans use probiotics to improve their digestive health. But there is actually little research on the safety of the products. Scientists in France and the US looked at nearly 400 clinical trials testing probiotics. One third of those trials gave no information on potential harms ….

Perceptions about Nicotine’s Effects on Children

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A new study reveals how different groups perceive nicotine’s effect on children and teens.   In Your Health Minute, A study revealing racial and gender differences when it comes to recognizing the harms of nicotine to children. Researchers from Georgia State University surveyed nearly 12-thousand adults. They found , in general , that men, Hispanics and Blacks were less likely…

Teen Car Wrecks

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The highest risk of wrecking a car is right after a teen gets a license. In Your Health Minute, Newly licensed teen drivers have the highest risk of being in an accident. That’s according to a new study from the National Institutes of Health. It showed teens were eight times more likely to be in a crash within three months…