Hookah at Home

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Young teen admit they used a Hookah at home. In Your Health Minute, Some kids are smoking a hookah at home instead of going to a hookah bar. Hookah is a tobacco water pipe. Some doctors say it’s just as dangerous as cigarette smoking. In a study of more than 20-thousand teens¬† CDC researchers say about 10 percent had tried…

Study: Most People aren’t Washing Hands Properly


1/1USDA finds we’re washing our hands wrong 97% of the time. Show Caption Hide Caption (CNN) – A new study from the U.S. Department of Agriculture found 97%of the time, people are not washing their hands adequately. That means germs that can make you sick are staying on your hands. Researchers asked almost 400 people to wash their hands in…

CDC: 23 Percent of U.S. Adults Get Enough Exercise


1/1CDC: The majority of Americans don’t spend enough time exercising. Show Caption Hide Caption (CNN) – Most Americans need to spend more time working up a sweat. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says each week, people between 18-and-64 should do at least 150-minutes of moderate activity¬† or 75 minutes of vigorous physical activity. As well as muscle-strengthening…

Psychological Stress in College

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In Your Health Minute, Although as many as a third of college students have some kind of psychological stress few get help from campus mental health services. Now a study of 12 California colleges finds kids might be more likely to get help with student run facilities. Researchers say programs led by peers can raise awareness of mental health issues…

See a Pediatrician Before the Baby is Born

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  Pregnant women being asked to find a pediatrician before having their babies. In Your Medical Minute, Expectant parents may want to consider visiting a pediatrician before their child is born. The American Academy of Pediatrics says a pre-natal visit helps build a trusted relationship with a doctor. It’s also a good time to discuss safety issues like car seats,…

A Call for Better CPR Training

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  Experts say CPR training must be improved. In Your Health Minute, The American Heart Association says improving CPR training could save more lives. New research shows online and in person CPR courses are falling short. Many people never really master the technique or they forget what to do. That’s why experts suggest courses should offer shorter but more frequent…

Mastectomy Patients Prefer Their Own Tissue

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Researchers study mastectomy results. In Your Health News, Mastectomy patients who have breast reconstruction using their own tissue may be happier with the final product. That’s according to a new study from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. It showed women who used their own tissue were more satisfied with their breasts after two years than those who got implants….

Depressed Pre-schoolers

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  Undisciplined pre-schoolers being diagnosed with depression. In Your Health Minute, As many as 300-thousand pre-schoolers have depression. A new study reveals an interactive therapy involving parents can help. The 18-week program was developed by researchers at Washington University in St. Louis. Therapists coach parents on how to help young children identify and manage their emotions when they are stressed…

SNAP Users Diet Quality

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Food Stamps users tend to eat less healthier items like sugary beverages and candy. Americans who use food stamps … tend to have *less* healthy diets than others. A new Tufts University study looked at the food choices of people participating in government food assistance program — known as *SNAP*(supplemental nutrition assistance program). It showed the diet quality of SNAP…

Teenagers Who Lack Sleep Impacts Their Health

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  Kids who have electronics taken away from them before bedtime, it will not hurt their health. It’s a universal problem for parents… getting kids to go to bed on time… Especially teens who may protest putting electronics away. But a new study shows enforcing bedtime rules may be critical for your child’s health. Catie Beck explains why waking up…