Child-proof Packaging not Always Child-Proof

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  Too many parents keep medication within child’s reach , sending hundreds to the hospital every year. In Your Health Minute, “Safe Kids Worldwide” reminding parent to keep medications away from young children. Every nine minutes a child under six goes to the E-R after accidentally getting into medicine. Every 12 days a child dies. Child resistant packaging does not…

When is Smoking , Smoking ?

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In Your Health Minute, The CDC finds many teens don’t consider themselves to be tobacco users, even if they are. Three out of five teens who used e-cigarettes and four out of five who used roll your own cigarettes do not identify as tobacco users. And most teens show used only e-cigarettes or Hookah thought these products were not harmful….

Sleepy all the Time, Maybe its Alzheimer’s

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Not getting enough sleep affects your brain. In Your Health Minute, Daytime drowsiness could be an early sign of Alzheimer’s disease. A new study from the Mayo Clinic followed nearly 300 older adults for seven years. It showed patients with excessive sleepiness had greater amounts of brain proteins linked to Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers say poor sleep may allow these proteins…

Smokers More Likely to Have Hearing Loss

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Study links smoking to hearing loss. In Your Health Minute, A new study reveals smoking might increase the risk of hearing loss. Japanese researchers analyzed medical records from over 50-thousand adults. They found current smokers were about one and a half times more likely to have hearing loss than those who never smoked. The good news hearing loss risk decreased…

Exposure to Lead could Cause Heart Attacks

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Older Americans exposed to lead when they were younger, more likely to have heart disease. In Your Health Minute,   A history of lead exposure may be linked to more than a quarter of a million deaths from heart disease each year. Canadian scientists studied over 14-thousand older adults exposed to lead-based paints or other products before they were banned….

Which City is Healthiest

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Is your city good for your well being? In Your Health Minute,   Naples, Florida is the happiest and healthiest city in the U-S. That’s according to the latest community well being index from Gallup-Sharecare. Naples took the number one spot followed by Barnstable, Massachusetts and Boulder , Colorado. Fort Smith, Arkansas came in last. The rankings are based on…

How Much Fiber in Your Diet

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  Eat more fiber to live longer, healthier, stronger. In Your Health Minute, A high fiber diet could help treat type two diabetes. That’ according to a new study from Rutgers University. It showed diabetes patients who ate a high fiber diet had a much lower blood sugar and body weight than those under standards care. Experts believe fiber might…

Clinics Prescribing too Many Antibiotics

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    Federal officials concerned that doctors continue to over prescribe antibiotics. In Your Health Minute, Antibiotics continue to be overused in outpatient clinics. A new University of Washington study tracked prescriptions form 2013 to 2015. Researchers found no change in the overall use of antibiotics or for any one type. Prescribing rates peaked inĀ  February and is lowest in…

CDC: Opioid Overdose Rates in U.S. Still Increasing


1/1CDC: ER visits for suspected opioid overdoses jumped 30 percent between June 2016 and September 2017 Show Caption Hide Caption (CNN) – The opioid addiction epidemic sweeping the nation shows no signs of abating. In fact; according to the Centers for Disease Control it’s getting worse. The CDC says emergency room visits for suspected opioid overdoses jumped by roughly 30…

23andMe Approved for At-Home Breast Cancer Tests


1/123Andme Gets Fda Approval For At-Home Breast Cancer Risk Test Show Caption Hide Caption (CNN) – Genetic testing company 23andMe has been given federal approval to sell at-home test kits to detect three breast cancer gene mutations. The FDA says this will be the first direct-to-consumer DNA test for these particular breast cancer gene mutations. A 23andMe spokeswoman said the…