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Friendship is Good Medicine

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Doctors say close friendships is like good medicine for cancer patients. In Your Health Minute today, friendship and having strong social relationships could help people survive cancer. Researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston followed nearly 900 women diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Women who had close ties with family and friends were much less likely to die from cancer…

Researchers Find Who is Mostly Addicted to Opioids

Your Health Minute

  Who is most likely to become addicted to opioids? In Your Health Minute, New data reveals who is most at risk of dying from an opioid overdose. Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center studied 13 thousand overdose deaths. Over 60 percent of people who died from a opioid overdose had been diagnosed with chronic pain and many suffered from…

Tap Water : the Good and the Bad

Your Health Minute

Tap water can have some negative effects. In Your Health Minute, New research reveals potential benefits and harms to kids and teens who drink tap water. A University of North Carolina study found children who drank tap water were much more likely to have elevated levels of lead in their blood. But kids who did not drink tap water which…

The Heavier a Woman is the More Frequent the Mammogram

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  Overweight women should not miss their mammograms. Finally overweight women may need more frequent mammograms. Researchers in Sweden found women with a higher BMI were more likely to have a large tumor when they were diagnosed with breast cancer. Heavier women also has a worse prognosis when their cancer was detected between regular screenings. Experts say more studies are…

Motorcycle Accidents More Dangerous Than Car Wrecks

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  Motorcycles are more dangerous than cars. In Your Health Minute, A new study reveals motorcycle crashes are far more deadly than car accidents. Data from Canada shows motorcycles caused three times the injuries and five times the deaths than car wrecks. People injured from motorcycle crashes were also much more likely to be hospitalized and admitted to the ICU….

Hand and Wrist Injuries Common in High School

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  Hand injuries are common in high school sports. In Your Health Minute,   Hand and wrist injuries can sideline high school athletes from the field and their schoolwork. About eight percent of high school sports injuries involve the hands or wrists according to researchers from Children’s Hospital Colorado. Their study showed wrist fractures and sprains were most common and…

Teens Who Abuse Prescription Drugs are More Violent

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  Teens who misuse prescription drugs more likely to be involved in violence and sexual assaults. In Your Health Minute, a new study reveals a link between prescription drug abuse and dating violence among teens. About 10 percent of surveyed high school students said they had committed or been a victim of dating violence. Researchers found the misuse of prescription…

Employees Want to Stand Up and Walk More

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  Employers encouraged to give sitting workers more time to stand and walk. People want to sit less and walk more while at work. Researchers in Germany surveyed over 600 employees with desk based jobs. Although they spend nearly three quarters of their work day sitting they preferred to be more active. On average they said they wanted to spend…

IVF Births Come With More Complications

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  IVF birth have more complications. An increase in chronic illness among young women is putting more mothers and babies at risk. In Vitro Fertilization may increase the risk of pre-term birth. Data from over 60 thousand patients shows women who underwent I-V-F were 80 percent more likely to deliver early than those who conceived naturally. Researchers say the development…

Lower Your Weight and Lower Your Blood Pressure

Your Helath Minute

  Control your weight and control your blood pressure. Keeping a healthy weight is the best way to avoid high blood pressure. Researchers at the University of Alabama Birmingham looked at the long term impact of several lifestyle behaviors. People who maintained a normal body weight were much less likely to develop high blood pressure as they aged. Never smoking…