Dee Armstrong

Fixing it With Dee Armstrong: Homemade Bread Remedy

Sometimes the old remedies are better for you. Like the bread your great grandmother used to make. New research shows it was much healthier. Dee Armstrong takes us to lunch at the Friendship Café in Columbus

Fixing It With Dee Armstrong: Tile Repair

Springtime is usually "fix-it-up" time for a lot of people, and NBC 38's Dee Armstrong wants to help you get the job done. As Dee works on sprucing up her own house, she is starting with the shower. Missing

Fixing It With Dee Armstrong: Your Green Thumb

You can lose a lot of plants through trial and error. "I have let some die, yeah, you figure it out. But I'm doing well around the house," said Pricilla Washington of her green thumb. Mistake number

Fixing It With Dee Armstrong: Do you have a Plan B?

Do you have a Plan B? That's a question college job counselors are asking students these days. NBC 38's Dee Armstrong went to Columbus State University where she found out that many are getting