Dee Armstrong

Church in the Parking Lot

Pastor Dee Lester Williams decided to have church in the parking lot for those who are not ready to go back inside the sanctuary because of covid-19.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Eddie Workman gets around town on his bicycle. So when his front wheel went flat and he couldn't fix it, he says God showed him what to do, and he did it. [field59_video account="WLTZ" key="cf46d6c8a5442d9b60954d7193036244ce702454" vtitle="Have Bike Will Travel "…

Party Leaders React to the Debate

It was perhaps the most raucus presidential debate in recent history. Interruptions and name calling peppered the night. Many Americans polled say they probably would not watch a second debate.

Getting Fit in the Midst of the Corona Virus

Families gathered to promote healthy living , especially among minorities, who are more likely to suffer more if they contract the corona virus. They say they don't want to be skinny. They want to be healthy. [field59_video account="WLTZ" key="a0cd46d08cf997ffac21fcb3eb845fcacebd6649" vtitle="THIQFIT"…

Columbus Church Offers Free Tutoring

When Pastor Gary Moore and his wife Dr Zenobia Moore, a retired educator, saw the need for tutors, they decided to provide the service for free. It's their way of giving to the community. [field59_video account="WLTZ" key="0da5c28fb806d081fc608c6f5fb881f0f05381c4" vtitle="PASTOR'S WIFE TUTORS…

Starting a Fresh Juice Business during Covid 19

She overcame her fear of today's economy and decided now is the time to start her fresh juice business. Marketta James says she trusts in God to guide her. And is thankful for her family support. [field59_video account="WLTZ" key="1b14dcfc06dbb932c4613e6d6b4e04c1c3ad6ca1" vtitle="There…

Local Restaurants get National Attention

When John Edge of 'True South, " the SEC food show, featured on ESPN, asked around about restaurants in our area, folks told him to go to Rose's Carribean and 14th St Grill . They are two of the oldest…

More Money for Some Families

The U-S Government has set aside money for families that have children who were receiving free lunches in public school. In Georgia, families get an amount for each eligible child.

Women Wear Purple and Crowns

A group led by Sheimeka Averette, Tacara Hemingway and Toyia Tucker organize another march and rally to encourage area women not to slow down in their push for change in Columbus.