Dee Armstrong

More Money for Some Families

The U-S Government has set aside money for families that have children who were receiving free lunches in public school. In Georgia, families get an amount for each eligible child.

Women Wear Purple and Crowns

A group led by Sheimeka Averette, Tacara Hemingway and Toyia Tucker organize another march and rally to encourage area women not to slow down in their push for change in Columbus.  

Millennials Do Well with Adult Mentors

Several major cities around the country are reporting violent protests. Some involving the destruction of property, defying local authorities, injuries and deaths. The protests are mostly young people who say they want to see change in our country. According to…

What Happened to John Chambliss

Phenix City's Jessica Sims went on a journey to find out what really happened to her grandfather when he was a teenager in Forsyth County, Georgia. Her grandfather had fought off two white men who attacked and killed them. His…

FDA Warns Public About Dangerous Hand Sanitizer

The FDA has issued a list of hand sanitizer brands that could make you very sick. They might contain methanol. Check your labels. If there is methanol in them call your doctor. Below is the list of brand names.  …

Another Peaceful March for Change in Columbus

Columbus, Georgia continues to show the rest of the country that change does not have to come out of violence, killings, burning and looting.  One man's dream of marching together in unity, came peacefully together Sunday evening . [field59_video account="WLTZ"…

Girls Inc has a New Normal

Girls Inc is experiencing the 'new normal' this summer. Summer camp has started with lots of hand washing, santizing and social distancing. I spent some time at the center on Kolb Ave in Columbus.   [field59_video account="WLTZ" key="db7577e37f26f77f35d3b1088b031fe1f5cfa3b5" vtitle="GIRLS INC…

Three Women With a Plan for Peace

Three Columbus friends are hoping their plan to bring the community together on Saturday June 6th will spark a change between the races and police.