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Tyler Redmond grew up right here in Columbus. His love for his family, and this community, are the biggest reasons he decided to stay here for college.

Tyler got his start at WLTZ after appearing on the Dee Armstrong Show as a guest. Since then, he has branched out into all aspects of the station. He is a Production Assistant, Videographer, Director, and is growing into a Sports-Reporter.

Tyler spends many Friday nights under the lights of High-School Football, as well as a few Saturdays in Athens, Auburn, or Atlanta. One of his favorite things to do at WLTZ is shoot sports.

His passion is Major League Baseball. On his own time, he interviews current stars as well as Legends of the game. He has aspirations of working with a Major League club in the future.

Though he is driven, he is also very grounded in his faith. He has been a member at Hilton Terrace Baptist Church as long as he can remember.

Tyler is proud to be a member of the WLTZ team.



Tyler Redmond speaks with Meteorologists Miller Robson and Dana Barker about the March 3rd tornadoes that hit many of the surrounding communities, as well as the rebuild efforts.

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