People You Meet in An Alley

Jerry Farber

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Jerry Farber is like that 85 year-old friend that went to your high school.

Jerry is light on his feet. Nope. Jerry walks around with the hyperactivity of a Chihuaha with ADHD. No. Jerry is the most sincere, funniest, quirky, smart, hip 85 year-old’s that come into Frank’s. Getting closer.

Look him up. Google “Jerry Farber,” and at first you will get Jerry Springer and maybe Jerry Seinfeld – but after you put the “Farber” part in you will get closer. Ok – ya that’s him and really I am writing this in the hopes he reads it, and thinks it a little funny.

He is a comedian. I really don’t think someone that has that kind of talent ever retires. I have often thought of people like Jerry Farber. Someone that makes a living with applause. From one project/job to another with (usually) applause, and I would think some admiration. I mean, really how could you stop doing something like that no matter what your job is. But, …

Anyways. That’s a Jerry thing, anyways. He will talk on and on about things that really matter to him. Or, maybe he is telling Misty here that he is once again available to make her his second to the last wife. (Is it supposed to be second-to-the-last? I am assuming the editor fixes that.) And then when he tapers off – its “Anyways.” That could mean that he is already half out the door, or he is ready for another round of Sauerkraut hot dogs.

What he says between the ‘anyways’ is usually insightful about something he is reading, or a funny story that is true – or not, but that won’t matter. Jerry is well-read, well-traveled, well-loved, has succeeded and failed, and gives back to the people and animals that he meets. Couple years ago he literally walked across Georgia to raise awareness of homelessness in our state. He would not only give someone his last hot dog…we are pretty sure he would do that same for a dog.

I have in the past met Jerry in passing. Saw him at his place Jerry Farber’s Side Door in Buckhead at a private reception. Saw him perform a couple time at The Loft, but it was at Frank’s Alley we really got the opportunity to talk – and listen to Jerry. He is 85 years-old, but you truly have no idea when speaking to him. He may reference in his day, but come on anyone over 35 years probably does the same. Jerry may have many of his same jokes over the years, but he is more relevant than most people I have met.

I mean though if you haven’t seen his Redneck Georgia routine you are missing out. At the same time though he can play Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, and have conversations on Jewish and Buddhism teachings. Make sure to check Jerry Farber out on social media Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. He is worth the conversation – so hit him up. And, Jerry still performs. Go catch a show. His second wife said that “Jerry made me laugh the whole time he performed.” Wait…I know I should have written it down.

[use photo of him and misty day] Oh – and he can hit on a 30 year-old with ease. The guy has game…

For the record – Jerry’s favorite is Spicy Brown Mustard, Red Onion Sauce, and extra Sauerkraut. (The Bronx at Frank’s. He can put two hot dogs down, drink a soda, and rattle off 23 one-liners over one lunch. That is what we can down for…)