City of Columbus introducing new truck fleet for automated trash pick up

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - John Pittman checked out his new fleet of automated trucks at the city’s Public Works Department. He’s making sure the trucks are ready to roll by Monday, giving Columbus a more efficient way to collect and haul trash.

The Fountain City used to haul trash in a three-man operation where maintenance workers would haul trash, but with the new 40 trucks, they can operate with one person.

Mayor Skip Henderson says the new system came down to saving the city millions of dollars over the next few years. The change also frees up inmate labor, another way to help staff shortages in other city departments. Henderson also adds that if you have extra trash needing picking up, simply call 311.

Money to pay for the $16 million fleet is from the American Rescue Plan (ARP), an automated rolling investment.

There are three ways Columbus collects trash – a black can, a green can and a blue can. The city asks that on your trash pick up, leave your cans at least three feet apart so they can be adequately hauled away.

Katrice Nolan

Katrice Nolan

Katrice joined News Leader 9 in May 2022.