City of Columbus cracking down on illegal dumping

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - The city of Columbus is cracking down on illegal dumping. It’s an effort to keep the Fountain City clean with a new, more strict ordinance put in place by the council earlier this year.

If you’re caught dumping trash illegally in Columbus, you will pay for it. There could be some hefty fine if you are caught.

“The city had been basically paying for that bill to get it cleaned up, and it was horrible.”

Councilwoman Toyia Tucker says now it’s dejavu as trash is piling up again. Because of illegal sites, the council has proactively held people responsible. The mayor also said illegal dumping in the city has to end.

He went on to say new cameras purchased by the city will really aid in pinpointing illegal dumpers. And in some areas, it’s already working.

“So, we do have camera systems that we are implementing, and these cameras are portable. So, we’re going to put them in places where it’s going on, and if we catch them, we are going to change them and take them to court as much as we can.”

Tucker says the cameras are extremely detailed, catching people in the act and sending them a hefty fine.

“I’m going to say the buck stops with you, and you gone have to come out your pocket $1,000. Why wouldn’t you pay $242 or whatever the fee is to dump legally?”

‘According to Tucker, the cameras are already working, and one person has already been caught illegally dumping a jacuzzi at an area park. They have his license plate number, and he will be notified soon.

Katrice Nolan

Katrice Nolan

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