National Infantry Museum hosts change of authority ceremony

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - The U.S. Army Infantry School transforms civilians into disciplined Infantry Soldiers and soldiers into skilled leaders through 22 programs of instruction.

The Infantry School is the first training destination for civilians who’ve chosen to be all they can be through service to the nation as Infantry Soldiers. During “One Station Unit Training,” they don their first uniform, earn their first patch, and render their first salute as Soldiers.

The outgoing commandant is Brig. Gen. Larry Q. Burris, and the incoming commandant is Brig. Gen. Monte L. Rone. The change of command ceremony is a tradition where the outgoing commander symbolically relinquishes command and authority by passing the division’s colors to the presiding officer, who will hand the colors to the incoming commander, thus beginning a new era of leadership for the incoming commander and the division.

“That’s what I hope to bring to the fight, my experience across every assignment to include joint and other operations assignment to this team, at the end of the day, our goal remains the same. Our goal is all about training, educating, and developing infantry soldiers and leaders so we can get them in, inveigled for formation, so they can go out to be commander.” said Rone.

Brigadier General Monte Rone is the 61th first to take command.