Auburn University combatting heat-related sickness with stadium heat sensors

AUBURN, Ala. (WTVM) - Auburn University is preparing its emergency teams to assist fans and players with heat-related illnesses and injuries this football season.

They are installing heat sensors around the stadium that will assist campus safety in knowing how hot it is and how to assist the fans in the stands.

At the start of football season, it gets hot. That’s why Auburn University Campus Safety, the athletics department and the campus safety department are installing eye-button sensors to collect data on which portion of the stadium gets the hottest.

Director of Emergency Management and Campus Safety Floyd Johnson says their teams are prepared to assist fans with heat-related illnesses.

Brandon Ryan is a Ph.D. research student at Auburn University who helped install the sensors all around the stadium. He explained why finding ‘hot spots’ in the stadium is necessary.

“Where the hottest it is, is the highest likely potential for heat stroke and other and other illnesses related to it being hot outside. So, if we can figure out where those, or pinpoint those locations, then we can figure out where the best places to put cooling stations to help benefit our fans during the game,” said Ryan.

Campus safety would like to remind those coming to games and events to be hydrated, stay hydrated and utilize the cooling spaces that are there for fans.

In addition to the cooling stations, campus safety is installing air conditioning systems in the concourse to help keep fans cool. The A/C systems won’t be installed by the first game, but the staff is hoping it will be ready by the second.

Justin Brown

Justin Brown

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