Neighborhood steps up to care for dog whose owner was hit by car while walking him

CINCINNATI (WXIX/Gray News) – Generous neighbors in one Ohio community are stepping up to care for a dog whose owner is in the hospital.

Patrick Beach, 63, was walking his dog Sherlock on Sunday evening when Beach was hit by a car. He was rushed to the hospital, where he remains sedated in the ICU, neighbors said.

Immediately following the collision, Sherlock took off and was nowhere to be found.

After first responders tended to Beach and left the scene, residents of the Oakley neighborhood in Cincinnati jumped into action to try to find the dog.

After two days of searching, Sherlock was found safe Tuesday afternoon.

“Oh my God, I cried,” Oakley resident Lee Caldwell said. “I am so grateful that he was found. I was so worried.”

Another neighbor, Taylor Suggs, said he was worried something bad had happened to Sherlock.

“We found him this [Tuesday] afternoon, and it made all of our days,” Suggs said. “It really just brought home the fact that we all love living here.”

Fortunately, the dog was found before anything bad happened to him; he was found by railroad tracks.

Now, neighbors are rotating taking care of Sherlock, including feeding and housing him, while Beach remains in the hospital.