How one veteran is helping others through farming this Memorial Day

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - A veteran and his son hit the road this weekend to help other veterans through agriculture.

Meet Mike Reynolds and his son, they hit the road this holiday weekend. “We live in Calhoun Georgia, and came about 150 or 160 miles down here,” says Reynolds. The father son duo is traveling from Calhoun Georgia to Fort Moore, to help veterans with his non-profit organization hero agriculture. The program is aimed at helping military veterans and their families with recovery in a unique way.

“We bring veterans predominately with traumatic brain injuries PTSD, and teach them how to farm,” says Reynolds. While they use the heavily traveled trip, as father son bonding time, “Traffic is always horrendous in Atlanta, but we figure it’s worth braving that traffic,” says Reynolds.

The work they do during the Memorial holiday helps soldiers cope during difficult times. “We’re there for them through both the good holidays, and sometimes the ones that are a little bit tougher than others,” says Reynolds. Reynolds, a veteran himself who also has a brain injury from serving in Iraq, tells me it’s days like Memorial Day that help remind him of why we honor those who lost their lives.

“Memorial Day is also a day that I remember as a flight paramedic, I remember those patients I took care of, and those who did not make it home to their families,” says Reynolds. Reynolds says people need to also be reminded that Memorial Day is not only to commemorate those who died in combat, but also those who have committed suicide. Another reason he started the program, was to give veterans a purpose after serving. “A mission gives you purpose, a purpose gives you hope, and hope gives you tomorrow,” says Reynolds.

Log onto to learn more about the program and donate to the non-profit organization.

Katrice Nolan

Katrice Nolan

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