108-year-old publishes children’s book just in time for her birthday

ATLANTA (WANF/Gray News) – A woman in Atlanta who recently turned 108 years old said her age doesn’t even cross her mind.

“I don’t even think about age,” Peggy Cobb said. “I think curiosity is the major thing. I am curious about everything. But also, I have a wide range of interests.”

Cobb loves children’s books and is already the author of several reads.

Now she’s a published author again – just in time for her 108th birthday.

Painter Pan: The Rainbow Man” isn’t a book she planned on publishing. The story had been written for some time, brought to life by Cobb’s illustrations many years ago.

It is about Painter Pan, a character whose vibrant colors on his cape create rainbows.

“It is a little uplifting, and you think about it after the book is closed,” Cobb said. “Furnish your mind well, and you will always have a comfortable place to live.”

Her book is available on Amazon.

Sawyer Buccy

Sawyer Buccy

Sawyer Buccy is a reporter for Atlanta News First, Atlanta. She comes to Atlanta from Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she told community-focused stories of resilience.

Debra Worley

Debra Worley

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