Clicket or Ticket campaign begins in Georgia

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Speeder after speeder clock dangerous numbers, as the Muscogee County Sheriff’s Motor Squad clocks speeders, some drivers were clocked in the triple digits, for miles per hour.

For Sergeant Manny Ellas, every day, the goal for him and his deputies is to keep drivers safe. “We train to make sure everybody buckles up, and it saves lives because you know speed kills. We want everybody to stay safe, and wearing your seat belt helps, especially if you are in a crash,” says Ellas.

He says, drivers going too fast will get a citation, especially during click it or ticket. He says that there is a bigger issue other than you getting pulled over. “It’s not about a citation, or the ticket, it’s all about making sure that everyone understands and stays safe,” says Ellas.

The campaign runs from now until June 4th, which is a busy time for families taking trips. Sheriff Greg Countryman says he wants to make sure every traffic stop is a teachable moment. “We might not always write you a ticket, but you may get a warning, and you may just get an educational piece. We like to have teachable moments,” says Countryman.

“Losing a life over cells phones, and being distracted that’s another major thing,” says Ellas. Whether it be distracted driving, speeding, or not wearing seat belts, law enforcement says they’d rather prevent those potentially deadly moves, than deliver grim news to a family. “Telling somebody that their loved one died, or they’re not coming home, I don’ t think there is a worse thing to do as a deputy,” says Ellas.

Katrice Nolan

Katrice Nolan

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