2nd Annual ‘Heal the Land’ Mega Gospel Charity Concert

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - One organization brought a night of faith-based celebration Sunday in the Fountain City. It was a Gospel charity concert, all to give back to a variety of community non-profits.

The Susan G. Cooper Community Impact and Empowerment Foundation sponsored it’s 2nd Annual Heal the Land Mega Gospel explosion. The goal was to not only bring very notable, award winning Gospel artists together, but to also bring a night of healing during a time our community needs it most.

“It’s not even a concert, it’s a high-praise worship experience for our entire community,” says Susan G. Cooper, founder and sponsor of the concert.

Many generations were in the Columbus Civic Center Sunday to hear from some of their favorite artists. News Leader 9 asked a couple of people who they were excited to see.

“Dottie Peoples,” said 8-year-old Kameron Kendrick. Kendrick said he wanted to hear the American Gospel Singer sing ‘Speak Lord’. He says the song means to trust in the Lord to him.

“My goodness, I just want to see them all tonight and it makes me feel good to be in God’s presence in this place,” said retired educator, Joyce Long.

The concert featured Gospel recording artists from generation to generation: Wendi Wyatt, The Canton Spirituals, Dottie Peoples, Koryn Hawthorne, Pastor Mike, Jr., and Fred Hammond.

Cooper says the concert is about healing.

“We need chains to be broken, we need people to be healed and delivered, and hopefully we will see miracles and breakthrough in the room,” said Cooper.

You could tell the audience enjoyed themselves, even News Leader 9′s Barbara Gautier who was one of the Mistress of Ceremonies. That enjoyment will go beyond Sunday, since proceeds will help local organizations carry on their services throughout our community.

“Last year we gave over $50,000 to our community and we’re hoping to do that and more,” said Cooper.

Executive director of Boyz 2 Men, a non-profit that helps at risk youth, Shawna Love is one of many who is a grant recipient from the foundation. The non-profit also received a donation last year.

“We were able to provide so many resources for the youth and families that we serve, it was truly a blessing,” says Love.

The Susan G. Cooper Foundation says it will “provide resources, technical assistance and capacity building to start-ups, small nonprofit organizations, and women-owned and minority businesses that serve and support disadvantaged youth, single mothers, seniors, minority business owners, and access to affordable housing.”

“We’re looking for this whole community to come together in unity as we pray, praise, and worship,” says Cooper, “so that we can take our community back, our children back, and so that we can unite as a village to help one another. "

To learn more about the Foundation, click here.

Gabriela Johnson

Gabriela Johnson

Gabriela joined the News Leader 9 team as a reporter in July 2022.