UGA Police releases details about incident involving UGA transfer ‘Rara’ Thomas

ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) - A recent transfer and wide receiver for the Georgia Bulldogs was arrested in Athens overnight for domestic violence.

University of Georgia Police arrested Rodarius Jaiquan Thomas, known as RaRa Thomas, on Monday. He was booked into the Athens-Clarke County jail on a felony charge of false imprisonment and a misdemeanor charge of family violence.

According to the police report, Thomas got into a verbal argument with alleged victim Addison Alfred after she followed an unknown male on Instagram. Alfred stated to the police that it got physical after she wanted to call her mother. At this point, Thomas grabbed her phone and apple watch so she couldn’t make a phone call.

Per Addison’s statement, the altercation escalated when Thomas grabbed her right arm leaving a bruise. Alfred stated, she started kicking, scratching, and hitting Thomas telling him to get off her and breaking her nail.

Alfred stated that Thomas also pushed her multiple times causing her to fall forward onto the bed on her face, leaving bruises and abrasions on her shins. The second push caused bruises on the side of her left leg after falling back first onto the bed.

Thomas’s and Alfred’s statements were conflicting per the police report.

Thomas claims things did not become physical until Alfred began choking and hitting him. In his statement, he advised she wouldn’t let him leave and that she broke his laptop which the police confirmed in the report. He also said he softly laid Alfred on the bed as she hit him.

Per Alfred’s statement, the two of them used to live together in Mississippi and Alabama and planned to live together in Athens.

There were injuries on Thomas’s forearm that he stated he received during a sporting event and not from the altercation.

The police photographed Alfred’s injuries and the damage to the broken laptop.

The witness Ledajah Williams was the one who reported the incident.

We are aware of a reported incident involving conduct by one of our student-athletes. While we are limited in what we can say about the incident, the report is disappointing and not reflective of the high standards we have for our student-athletes on and off the field. In addition to following internal Athletic Association policies, we will be working closely with our administration to ensure we cooperate fully with all law enforcement and campus protocols.

—  UGA Athletic Association

Thomas transferred this semester to UGA from Mississippi State.

Natasha Pollard

Natasha Pollard

Natasha Pollard joined the digital team for Atlanta News First as a digital content producer in November 2022.