Army SSG Jonathan Shuskey Trades Boots for Golf Clubs After 20 Years of Service


“I don’t even really think going to college at all was in the plans for me when I graduated high school.”

At 38-years-old, SSG Jonathan Shuskey “Buckets” signed to play college golf for Christian Brothers University. He’s compete in a Division II athletics program in Memphis.

“Coach Bryce at Christian Brothers he’s actually an Auburn guy. He’s been here in the area. He graduated from Auburn. He’s going to be a really good fit for me. Someone who’s never really had a coach, or instruction or anything like that. I’ve kind of taught myself.”

Shuskey learned to golf at 12-years-old, but it was more of a hobby. He made a career in the Army, serving four tours in Afghanistan and one in the Philippines. Now he’s one year shy of retiring at Fort Benning in August 2021.

“Being an infantryman we walk pretty much everywhere we’re going anyway, so I can tell you that carrying a golf bag will be a nice break from carrying a 70, 80, 90 pound rucksack.”

Shuskey’s four kids and wife will join him on this life-changing trip to Memphis.

“I know too many guys that get out and don’t have that plan, and they struggle a little bit early on because of it. I’m going into a situation where I’m not going to be the typical college freshman. In my job I’m around that age group all the time. Those are the guys I’m expected to lead on a day to day basis, so I’m glad they feel comfortable enough to have the old guy coming to play golf with them.”

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