Hurricane Zeta Local Impacts



Hurricane Zeta continues to strengthen in the Gulf of Mexico as it moves toward southeast Louisiana. Zeta has the potential to bring tropical storm winds into some of our nothern and western communities, not to forget the chance of isolated, brief tornadoes also. Currently, the timing of the worst impacts from Zeta look to arrive between 2 AM and 7 AM. Flooding rains will not be an issue for our area, as the heaviest corridor of rain will remain north of our area. Make sure you have  extra batteries, cellphone charged, and your weather radio ready in case you lose power. Wind gusts to 45 MPH are possible through the early morning  hours! After Zeta leaves the area a cold front will bring in the coldest air mass of the year so far. Stay tuned to WLZT First Weather for frequent updates.

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Meteorologist Desmond Seketrius



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