“To The Rescue”

A Story About Dogs and the Humans Who Rescue Them From the Creator & Star of Cheaters

The heartwarming stories of abandoned dogs and the grateful families who save them will be documented in the half-hour weekly syndicated reality TV show “To the Rescue.”

Airing nationwide in over 200 markets, the series is hosted by veteran TV producer-personality Tommy Habeeb (“Cheaters,” “STAG”) and debuts Saturday, October 17.

Each episode follows stories that intertwine the work of animal rescue organizations, municipal animal shelters, transporters, behaviorists, and foster families to reveal what it really takes to help the most at-risk dogs find their forever families.

Habeeb, who founded his own dog rescue organization, Forever Family Rescue Foundation, explains, “Each of their stories is only a small piece of the puzzle, but together, these amazing tales of hope and redemption show us that there’s no wrong way to come to the rescue.”

About Tommy Habeeb: In a career spanning two decades, Habeeb is best known to television audiences as the original host of the long-running syndicated series “Cheaters.”

However, since pioneering the reality genre in the late 90s, he has created, produced, hosted, or otherwise appeared in more than a dozen reality series.

“To The Rescue” is a passion project for Habeeb and has taken over two years to develop, produce and distribute.