Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban and AD Greg Byrne Test Positive for COVID-19


Less than a week before No. 3 Georgia faced No. 2 Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Head Coach Nick Saban tested positive for COVID-19. He found out his results early in the afternoon Wednesday, October 14, and then informed his players through ZOOM at 2 p.m. Saban showed no signs of symptoms. Athletic Director Greg Byrne also tested positive.

As for practice leading up to gameday, Saban plans on keeping business as usual. The only difference is his location. The 68-year-old plans on studying practice film at home and then going over everything with his team via ZOOM.

“I watched practice today. I had the manger have a phone. If I wanted to to play and repeat it I’d say, ‘Repeat that play so and so messed up.’ I didn’t leave the country or anything. I’m just right down the street, and we have this technology so it’s really unique. Now I don’t have any experience in this aight, so we’re just going to do the best we can.”

Saban told reporters, while in isolation at his home, Offensive Coordinator Steve Sarkisian will oversee game prep. Sarkisian is a former head coach at Washington and USC.

This is just another blow to the SEC schedule which had postponed two games this week already: Florida-LSU and Missouri-Vanderbilt. The SEC tentatively rescheduled the games for December 12, just one week before the SEC Championship.


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