A Warm, Pleasant Wednesday

Cold front #1 has passed through the area, so expect comfortable humidity on Wednesday although we will stay on the warm side with highs at least a few degrees above normal. High pressure will dominate and keep us dry this week although there’s a small chance we could see a shower on Thursday.

Cold front #2 will push through on Friday. This one not only really brings the humidity down with dew points in the 30s/40s, but it will also bring temperatures down as well. Expect highs in the mid to upper 70s on Friday, upper 60s to low 70s on Saturday and we’ll wake up to the mid to upper 40s on Saturday and Sunday morning.

A quick look at next week shows dry conditions continuing with a return to near seasonal highs and lows in the mid to upper 70s and mid to upper 50s respectively.

Keep smiling,

-Chief Meteorologist Miller Robson

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