Georgia Healthcare Collaboration Raises Awareness of Safe Infant Sleep

To help raise awareness about safe infant sleep during Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Awareness Month in October, Safe Kids Columbus, Piedmont Columbus Regional and the Columbus Health Department are inviting you to participate in a fun and friendly photo activity called #SafeSleepSnapgsf.

Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles—anyone can participate by sharing a photo of a baby in a safe sleep area on their social media accounts. Make sure you use the hashtag #SafeSleepSnapgsf so everyone can see the adorable pictures of babies in safe sleep areas.

(Not sure what a safe sleep area looks like? See attached.)

Here are the specifics:

1.    Post a photo of your baby, grandbaby, niece, or nephew in or next to a safe sleep area on your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).

2.    Use the hashtag #SafeSleepSnapgsf in the post.

3.    Give yourself kudos for taking part in #SafeSleepSnapgsf and helping to raise awareness of safe infant sleep.

Be creative! Practicing safe infant sleep can be fun. Creativity and humor are encouraged in the photos and captions, as long as the baby’s sleep area follows safe sleep recommendations. This is your opportunity to both show off your cutie and help other caregivers see that safe infant sleep can be fun!


Safe Kids Columbus and the Columbus Health Department will also be posting #SafeSleepSnapgsf photos on their social media accounts throughout the month of October. Please like, retweet, or share the photos with your friends and followers. We look forward to seeing your #SafeSleepSnapgsf!


Are you expecting a baby and need a safe sleep space?  Safe Kids Columbus offers a free Safe Sleep educational class and a free pack and play for eligible parents.  Find out if you qualify by emailing

Courtesy: Piedmont Columbus Regional Hospital

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