Game of the Week: Marion County at Chattahoochee County


The state runner-up Marion County Eagles (2-2) face the undefeated Chattahoochee County Panthers in a GHSA 5-A Public region rivalry game. The Panthers hold a (3-0) record for the first time since 2009, and that’s the last time
Chatt. Co. defeated the Eagles.

“Marion County, I haven’t won against them since I don’t know when. Probable rec,” said Chattahoochee County senior wide receiver Carlos Dunovant. “This year I’m hoping to beat them.”

“All of the schools being on the same highway about ten minutes apart, so I know it means a lot to our kids in our community,” said Chattahoochee County Head Coach Pierre Coffey.”

“In them trenches with the dogs. Us against them,” said Marion County senior Corey Wimbush. “It’s going to be won up front.”

Marion County is tough at the line of scrimmage, and their two new quarterbacks will need that security blanket in their run heavy, pass option offense.

“We know what they can do to make the plays,” said Marion County junior lineman A.J. Wooddell. “They run it behind us and they’ll be in good shape.”

“We had three D-linemen and offensive linemen play 76 plays last Friday night,” said Marion County Head Coach Billy Law. “None of them came off the field, and that’s just how tough they are.”

The Eagles, who run the same defense as Chatt. Co., are prepared for the Panthers spread offense and athletic wide receivers.

“All my receivers have speed,” said Chattahoochee County junior quarterback Cody Duffy. “If I throw it out there they can go up there and get it, and I just feel confident throwing to them.”

“Just buying in,” said Dunovant. “As a team we’re brothers. Chemistry, we’ve got good chemistry.”

Both teams have chemistry and history. The two new head coaches are fully aware of the electrifying atmosphere this game brings.

“Another big rivalry this week,” said Coach Law. “They’ve given us 600 tickets and we hope 600 of our fans go over there and support us.”

“True home field advantage,” said Coffey. “I mean when you come in here and it’s rocking on Friday nights, and you got the light show going on when we score touchdowns, it’s special.”

The rivalry kicks off on Friday at 7:30 p.m. EST at Chattahoochee County High School.

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