Miracle Man Survives Tree Topple On Truck

Large Oak Tree Blocked Warm Springs Road Hours After Hurricane

Meet Mike Johnson.

The Columbus man is a walking, talking miracle after a 150 foot Oak tree landed in his lap during the morning commute Thursday. The tree fell on the roadway hours after Hurricane Sally swept through the Chattahoochee Valley. “So I was just driving down the road and the tree fell out of no where and landed right across and busted, bent in both doors so it was on both sides of the vehicle luckily it just shattered some glass,” Johnson told First News right after the accident.

(Reporter) Sir, You’re a walking miracle! “Isn’t that the truth today. Yep, God is good,” Johnson said.

Can you tell me what you were thinking when you saw this…? “Well I don’t think I can say that on air you’ll probably have to bleep it but uh (laughing) I was thinking hopefully it’s not gonna be as bad as it sounds because it made a pretty loud impact.”

But look at you. “Yeah, I got some little blood spots here and there but just from the glass but every thing’s good.”  Mike Johnson is a walking inspiration for sure. Also the City didn’t waste anytime with the cleanup. Clearing the road and restoring power was an all day affair but a minor inconveinence perhaps in the grand scheme of things.


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