Game of the Week: Lanett @ Lafayette


This weeks showdown between Lanett and Lafayette means more than just a normal rivalry game.

“There’s a lot of bragging rights on the game, plus it’s a region game,” says Lanett head coach, Clifford Story. “We want to stay undefeated in the region regardless of who the opponent is.

“It’s business as usual. It’s a team that’s on our schedule. We have to go out and compete to the best of our ability and hopefully we come out on top,” said Lanett Junior Quarterback, Caden Story.

The Panthers won the 1A state championship last season. In week two they were upset by the Valley Rams, which has served as a wake up call for this young team.

“Lanett always felt like no matter who they played they were always going to win. This team is going through the motions so right now we have to get all that stuff fixed and cleaned up. They need to start playing with passion and love,” said Clifford Story.

“Ever since the Valley game we have come to our senses that we need to start building momentum and get to where we want to be,” said Lanett Junior Linebacker, Alanteo Cheeks

Clifford Story grew up in Lafayette and he knows there’s no time to let up as they gear up to play their biggest rival.

“I know what this rivalry means to the Lafayette community. It’s going to be a hard fought game.”

First year head coach, Juan Williams is living the importance of this rivalry for the Lafayette community.

“When I got the job this is what they talked about, the guys from ten minutes down the road,” says Williams.

Lanett has won this game three years in a row, the bulldogs know how much a win on Friday would mean.

“It holds a lot of weight. I told our kids the other day the old saying ‘to be the man you got to beat the man’ and they’re the man right now,” says Williams.

“We talk about it everyday. We want to beat them bad,” says Lafayette Senior Quarterback Ty’Quavian Daniel.

“It would be huge. People would look at us like ‘we’re that team’ but we have to come together first,” said Lafayette Junior Defensive End, Antavious Woody.

Kickoff is set for 8pm eastern at Bulldog Stadium.

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