Scholar Athlete of the Week: Marianna Branch, Brookstone Volleyball


Tracking a volleyball in mid-flight takes timing and precision. Brookstone senior defensive specialist Marianna Branch has time management dialed in on and off the court.

“Being involved in so many different things, and that’s definitely been my favorite part. So many random, different clubs and sports you can be involved in and not have to focus on one thing.”

Branch plays volleyball and basketball while maintaining a 4.6 GPA with AP classes. She’s one of five seniors sparking leadership on the floor, which has led to many wins this season.

“I feel like I’ve grown completely as a volleyball player, and with the teammates I have we have five seniors. We’ve all gotten so much closer and all learn more together. Now there’s a lot of chemistry which is good.”

Branch stays busy at Brookstone as Head Prefect and a member of the Honor Council, Young Lives Ministry and Cuts for a Cure Organization. Balancing school, sports, and clubs is all part of the fun.
“You get used to it knowing when you have practice and study halls you learn to use during school. Get what you can done.”

Congratulations to Marianna Branch, our WLTZ Scholar Athlete of the Week.

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