Court: Deputy Tried To Save Inmate

Family Of Eddie Nelson Wants Focus On Mental Health

A Muscogee County Sheriff’s Investigator told Municipal Court Judge Steven Smith that a Deputy rushed inside the bloody cell where he personally witnessed Jayvon Hatchett on top of inmate Eddie Nelson “strangling him”early Saturday morning.  The Sheriff’s Deputy removed Hatchett and immediately began CPR on Nelson and continued to provide life saving measures until an Ambulance arrived. Deputy Coroner Charles Newton told First News Nelson’s exact cause of death will be determined by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s Medical Examiner but that Nelson was also severely beaten. 

Jayvon Hatchett was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation on August 27th after he allegedly stabbed a white Auto Zone employee. A Columbus Police Detective testified Hatchett became enraged watching videos of police brutality on Facebook and said he wanted to kill white people.

One day later, August 28th Hatchett was placed inside the Muscogee County Jail’s general population with Eddie Nelson.  Less than a week later, Sheriff Donna Tompkins said Hatchett became enraged because he thought Nelson put a hair in his sandwich. “Both of these gentlemen had seen someone from mental health and if mental health had observed or heard or knew of a specific threat they would have notified us of that,” Sheriff Tompkins said during a press conference Tuesday.  Nelson was pronounced dead inside his cell September 5th and Jayvon Hatchett immediately confessed to murder according to court testimony.

Jerry Nelson said the system failed his brother Eddie and Jayvon Hatchett. “Because their son shouldn’t have been involved. He shouldn’t even have been in population with my brother or any other person. He should have been in isolation so it could have been prevented from him committing a murder,” Nelson told First News.

The family of Eddie Nelson and their attorney Craig Jones said they hope this entire conversation about the incident inside the jail steers away from race and to what they characterize as a mental health crisis across the Country. An attorney for Hatchett entered a not guilty plea to the murder charge during the probable cause hearing and it is unclear where he will be detained.