Sheriff Unaware Jail Inmate Wanted To Kill White People

Jayvon Hatchett Allegedly Beat Cellmate Eddie Nelson To Death


It was a failure to communicate the Sheriff said noting her staff wasn’t tipped off in police reports or any paperwork that inmate Jayvon Hatchett told detectives he wanted to kill a white man and that these details did not surface in a subsequent mental health evaluation for Hatchett.

(Reporter) There was zero indication that he had just stabbed somebody 7 times because he was upset over watching police videos, all this court testimony?  “Ms. Watson, go pull the initial incident report from the Columbus Police Department which is three pages long and it states that he stabbed this person at the Auto Zone. It gives no reason for that nor would we know what that reasoning was NO, we did not know,” Sheriff Donna Tompkins told First News.

“There’s no way that the Sheriff, the Chief Deputy, the Jail Administrator and I’m betting you every officer in that jail knew what had happened at Auto Zone,” Attorney Craig Jones said. Jones filed a wrongful death lawsuit overnight claiming a violation of inmate Nelson’s civil rights. The lawsuit specifically singles out the Sheriff,  Chief Deputy Troy Culpepper, Commander Larry Mitchell and Captain Glenda Hall.

Also today more calls from the community for an independent investigation about how the two inmates ended up sharing the same cell. “To tell me that there was a homicide that one of my deputies observed? I don’t need an outside investigation when one of my deputies observed this attack and stopped this attack,” the Sheriff said during an afternoon press conference.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is a request only agency meaning the Sheriff or the District Attorney would have to ask for their help before the agency would investigate.

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