Tuesday Remains Dry, Higher Humidity Returning

Staying rain-free again on Tuesday, but we could see more cloud coverage as an increase in moisture returns to the region. Humidity will be on the uptick as the days go by, as well. A tropical wave currently over the west Atlantic will move closer to the southeast and usher in a tropical air mass. Expect dew points to rise back into the 70s by Thursday. This will also bring a chance for daily showers and thunderstorms Wednesday through the weekend. Looking at near seasonal highs and lows for the rest of the week.

Last week, you’ll remember, I talked about a strong cold front coming out of the Rockies that could possibly affect our region by this weekend into early next week, but there was still uncertainty. Unfortunately, it looks like it won’t make it here. The front will develop a cut-off low that will slow down before getting steered to the north by the jet stream.  This means the tropical air mass will be staying in place through at least the weekend. Guh!

Keep smiling!

-Chief Meteorologist Miller Robson

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