The Heat Stays On, Fall Preview Next Week?

Staying dry through Saturday as another cold front moves through and looks to become stationary to our south on Sunday. This will help trigger a few showers in our area especially in our southern counties Saturday night into Sunday.

Although we won’t likely see rain for the next few days, it will still stay quite humid as daytime temperatures heat up into the mid 90s through Saturday. That earlier mentioned cold front will help cool temps down to around seasonal Sunday through mid-week.

An interesting development could come in to play late next week as the GFS model is trying to push a significant cold front through the southeast that would bring daytime highs down into the 70s and 80s, lows into the 50s and 60s and dew points into the 40s and 50s. Nice! Let’s hope this becomes a reality. Unfortunately, the Euro model is not so optimistic. We’ll see which model winds out…

Keep smiling!

-Chief Meteorologist Miller Robson

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