Court: Advocacy Worker Did Not Report Child Rape

5 Year Old Allegedly Molested At Home of Child Advocacy Worker

A detective with the Columbus Police Department’s Special Victims Unit recounted in halting detail court testimony that is too disturbing for our television viewers. The young victim told investigators about years of repeated sexual abuse beginning when she was five years old allegedly at the hands of Bobby Valois, described as a father figure who molested the girl at three different homes including that of Alma Torres where the family lived for a year according to testimony.

Torres worked for the Russell County Child Advocacy Center but the victim told counselors no one would listen to her , not her mother or Alma Torres, the mother of Bobby Valois. A detective told the judge the mother of the child who was in a relationship with Valois later said she was scared to come forward.

The attorney for Bobby Valois suggested the child made up the allegations after the relationship ended with the child’s mother. “It’s problematic and especially when there is absolutely no corroborating evidence whatsoever but the word and it’s so easy to say something,” Valois’ attorney Mark Shelnutt told First News after the hearing.

The Russell County Child Advocacy Center released a statement announcing Alma Torres was promptly fired from her position and that the agency “will not stand by and knowingly allow abuse to happen at the hands of someone affiliated with the organization.”

Torres was released on bond for Failure to Report and appeared in court to support her son. Outside the courtroom she was pressed about why she declined to report the allegations about her son. Torres essentially told me to buzz off that her son would have “his day in court”.

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