GHSA Votes in Favor of Full Fall Schedule; Football Kicks Off in September


The Georgia High School Association Board of Trustees met Monday to discuss the fall sports season in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Most schools started summer conditioning in June, while Muscogee County delayed training to July 6. Now the football season will be postponed as well, but not shortened.

Members conflicted on the existing schedule; however, they wanted to have a season. One point of view stated:

“Pushing the football season two weeks later would impact winter sports at smaller schools, which depend more on multi-sport athletes than do some larger schools.”

While an opposing opinion, in favor of pushing back the schedule, referred to how COVID-19 is effecting certain hot-spots around the state.

“The Atlanta Public School System might be the first district to cancel fall sports completely if the football season is not pushed back two weeks.”

A unanimous outcome approved pushing back the football season two weeks. All other fall sports will start on time.

According to the GHSA’s July 15 update, the first date of fall sports competition is slated for:

  • Softball: August 6
  • Cheerleading: August 8
  • Volleyball, Cross-Country: August 10
  • Football: August 21 (Previously), moved to Sept. 4

GHSA Updated Calendar for High School Football

  • July 27 – Start of Official Preseason Practice
  • August 1 – First Full-Contact Practice in Pads
  • August 21 – First Preseason Game
  • Aug. 28 – Second Preseason Game
  • Sept. 4 – Regular Season Opener
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