Season of Redemption for the Blue Devils


Muscogee County Schools are entering their second week of practice and the Columbus High Blue Devils are all about redemption as they enter the 2020 season.

Before the season kicks off in a little over a month, the Blue Devils are hard at work, but thanks to the coronavirus pandemic it’s only their second week of practice.

“It took us a few days to get a structure taking the temperatures and getting kids their questions,” said Columbus High Football Head Coach, Phil Marino. “It’s going to take some time. Normally we already have six weeks with these guys, now we’re only in week two.”
“It’s a lot harder. It’s definitely different too, but I know this football season is going to be a lot different too so it’s something that you have to get used too,” says Tanner Hemmings, Columbus High offensive and defensive lineman.

Last year, Columbus High got the injury bug, and had to start their fourth string quarterback part way through the season.

They’re looking to prove last year’s results isn’t the same team that opponents will see this year.

“A lot of our guys coming back this year got hurt last year so we didn’t get to see them play a lot last year. Especially the guys that are going to help us out, the older guys,” said Marino.
“It’s making us more motivated because last year we projected to make the playoffs,” says Hemmings. “The way our season went with the injuries and switching of positions is motivating us to do a lot better this year.”

Their condensed practice time is all gearing up to week one’s game against the Northside Patriots, their biggest rival.

“This year being the first game to open up with, I think it will be great,” says Marino.
“That’s going to be a big game and we’re gong to fight as hard as we can to get ready and work really hard,” says Columbus High Senior Linebacker, Austin Toelle.
“We’re pumped up because last year we didn’t think we were going to play them again. Knowing we play them first this year, it’s really going to be fun,” said Hemmings.

Columbus High opens up the season on august 21st.

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