Become a Pen Pal with the Residents at Covenant Woods!

Recently there has been media/social media coverage of some communities that recognized a need for their seniors.

That need is far reaching unfortunately and Covenant Woods would like to change that within our community.

The residents of Covenant Woods Independent Living Community have been under restriction from visitors or outside visits since the beginning of the COVID pandemic in early March.

This has left over 200 + of their residents without family visits and limited outside contact.

But, just because they’re social distancing doesn’t mean they need to practice emotional distancing, too.

In fact, it’s more important than ever for those who need to quarantine as much as possible to still feel love.

Research proves that even in normal times, one in four people feel lonely on a regular basis. And loneliness may be as detrimental to your health as smoking, high blood pressure or obesity, scientists have found.

The Coronavirus pandemic has put a hamper on almost all of their daily activities, including socializing with other people. For seniors in assisted living homes, their time in isolation has been especially lonely.

They are looking for pen pals of all ages to engage in this fun and gratifying age old tradition.

It can be a way for these seniors to feel needed,  and have something to look forward to.

The seniors aren’t the only ones who will benefit, perhaps you know a child with extra time on their hands due to the Corona Virus and cancellations of summer programs.

Kids can learn practice their reading and writing skills and gain compassion and historical insight from their seasoned pen pals.

Children can get a peek into the past, while the seniors engage in some much-needed companionship and mental stimulation.

Please help in their effort to involve our community and get the word out! Send pictures, post cards, recipe’s, drawings, stories etc.

PHONE:  706.561.1401

Courtesy: Nona Christie, Covenant Woods

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