Warm and Dry Weekend for Dad!


A nice weekend is shaping up as we celebrate the summer solstice today and the first day of the season. Today also marks the longest day in terms of daylight hours, with Columbus checking in at just a smidgen over 14 hours, 17 minutes between sunrise and sunset today. High temperatures will be summerlike as well, with readings in the 90-95 degree range common. No rain is in the forecast for today as high pressure makes a brief weekend appearance over our area.

Even warmer weather (only by a couple of degrees, though) is in store for Father’s Day. There may be a rogue shower or thunderstorm in the heating of the late afternoon and early evening, but the vast majority of us will stay dry; absolutely no need to change any outdoor plans. Highs tomorrow will climb into the low to mid 90s.

Rain chances begin to increase Monday as the high pressure system breaks down after only a two-day stay. Scattered showers and thunderstorms will be in the forecast Monday, becoming much more numerous Tuesday and especially into Wednesday and Thursday. Highs will be kept down due to the increased cloud cover and rainfall with many places not getting out of the 80s on Tuesday and Wednesday. The humid air will keep morning low temperatures up as well, with lower 70s expected for most.

The much ballyhooed Saharan dust will arrive over our area late next week, decreasing rain chances and drying things out somewhat. Our guest particles from northern Africa shouldn’t have the major health impacts that some are predicting; the biggest impacts locally will be brilliant sunrises and sunsets. Drier air will be a byproduct of the dust as well, and the widespread desert layer over the tropics should squelch any storm formation for the next week or so.

-Meteorologist Dana Barker

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