Auburn Alum’s Half-Court Shot Goes Viral on Social Media


One former Auburn women’s basketball point guard went viral on social media earlier this week. However, it was not for her three SEC Championship wins, three National Championship appearances, thyroid cancer victory or WNBA career.

During COVID-19, 50-year-old Dr. Chantel Tremitiere tested her skills with many different trick shots. She’s used a men’s and women’s basketball, a football and even shot over her car. Tremitiere had watched many videos of deep buckets, but nobody had attempted a half-court shot from inside a store. Plus, she’s got her own hype crew that includes her two nieces, Milan and Sydney Garner.

Here’s a tip: Next time you consider challenging someone on a half-court shot, make sure they’re not a former WNBA player.

“Y’all going to learn today. Cash,” said Tremitiere.“Don’t play with me. Next Challenge!”


“One of the craziest things about this video, like I said it’s been humbling. It’s been an overwhelming experience, but I always knew that this is bigger than me and I appreciate that it’s bigger than me.

Dr. Chantel Tremitiere’s video went viral on social media after knocking down the deep shot in Dick’s Sporting Goods, but this wasn’t the first time the former Auburn point guard had knocked down clutch shots. This bucket was special.

“When I was told that Barack Obama followed me (on Twitter) it was pretty special,” said Tremitiere. “There’s not many people that can say that, and I know he loves basketball.”

Since posting the video, she’s been highlighted on ESPN, Inside Edition and Good Morning America just to name a few. Plus, she’s now at over 260,000 Tik Tok followers.

“If Barack Obama was talking trash, I’m talking it back. I don’t care,” said Tremitiere. “That’s who I am. You know, we’ve had so many months without sports.”

Here’s the Tik Tok video that sparked all the creativity for Tremitiere.

Auntie Chantel has a few stars on her radar for a future challenge.

“I’d like LeBron to come on there, and I’d like to talk a little trash to him to. He’s next.”

Dr. Tremitiere has some great videos in the works, but she does not plan on posting anymore until she gets the social media official blue check mark.

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