Brookstone Cougars Cool, Calm and Collected Ahead of 2020 Season


High school football teams have had condensed preseasons due to the coronavirus shutdown, but the Brookstone Cougars feel like they’re right where they need to be.

Although there’s no contact drills or a football in hand, the Cougars are trusting the process as they train for the upcoming season.

“It’s going great for us. We’ve gotten better everyday. Our kids are getting in better shape as we go,” said Brookstone Football Head Coach, Blair Harrison.

Coronavirus protocols have put a stress on programs around the country. For the Cougars, it’s starting to feel like business as usual.

“Everybody has been vigilant about what we’re doing, they’ve been one time, they’ve been supportive,” says Harrison. “The paperwork is a little bit more than normal, but it’s not that bad after you get used to it.”

The players are just happy to be training once again.

“It feels good. I got hurt [last season] so I forgot what it feels like. It’s nice being back in the groove,” says Brookstone Senior Defensive Tackle & Offensive Guard, Ayo Mideoloyde.

“It’s definitely different, but we are getting that work in and I think we’re ready for the season,” said Brookstone Senior Offensive Tackle & Defensive Tackle, John Kim.

Their focus right now is on one thing, getting physically ready for the upcoming season.

“I think they’ve had a clear mind and came in a little more focused then they have in the past. Those are long days when you’re lifting, running and having to practice,” says Harrison. “We feel like we’re right where we need to be according to the standards that have been set for us.”

When the season starts in two short months, they believe they can go the distance.

“This teams the one,” said Mideoloyde. “We’ve been with Coach Harrison, he’s been taking us under his wing, doing his thing and we’ve been preparing for this year. This is our year”

“I feel like this group is one of our strongest. We’ve been with Coach Harrison for four years now,” says Brookstone Senior Offensive Tackle & Defensive Tackle, Wesley Brown. “The Seniors know what to do, the younger guys are catching on fast too so I think this is our year.”

Brookstone opens up the season on august 21st when they take on Calvary Christian.

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