A Warm Wednesday, Humidity Stays Low

Another fantastic night is on the way with cooler than normal temperatures and comfy humidity. Turn off the AC, open the bedroom window, put a box fan in it and enjoy!

That low residing off the Carolina coast will begin moving to the north this evening, but there is still a chance for isolated showers and thunderstorms Wednesday through Friday on the back end of it.

The northern movement of the low will start the withdrawal of the cooler air allowing afternoon and nighttime temperatures to slowly rise.  We’ll be staring down the low 90s by Friday and the mid 90s for the weekend which is timely as the SUMMER season starts late Saturday afternoon at 5:44 PM EDT.

On a positive note, humidity should remain tolerable through at least Friday with dew points in the low to mid 60s for much of the area. Sticky, yes, but not too uncomfortable.

Keep smiling!

-Chief Meteorologist Miller Robson

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