LaGrange Football Focused on Details Under New Head Coach Matt Napier


LaGrange football is kicking off summer conditioning with a new coach, Matt Napier, who spent 15 seasons as the Offensive Coordinator at Callaway.

The Grangers have struggled over the past four seasons, but in the early 2000’s they were a powerhouse winning three state championships.

“LaGrange High School is a storied program with a lot of really good tradition here,” said Napier. “It’s the right fit for me.”

“One of the things I really like about Coach Napier is how he’s able to bring the team together and keep everyone working when everyone wants to give up,” said senior running back and outside linebacker Kale Gibbs.

A new coach means a new system, but COVID-19 delayed their progress in the spring. So now with social distancing, it’s important to learn the fundamentals.

“We’re smaller groups, so that definitely helps with building relationships,” said Napier. “Then we get to focus on the details. Focus on the little things, and those really matter when you’re trying to build something up.”

Napier has already made changes in the weight room.

“The weight room has changed around a little bit, but the pace is much faster,” said senior lineman Elijah Quimbayo. “It’s not as much heavy weight every set, its getting form. Making sure we don’t hurt our body getting ready for the season.”

Napier plans on sticking with LaGrange tradition when it comes to defense, the old 46 right and left, but he has a different plan for offense.

“Really excited to implement the new systems,” said Napier. “It will be the same offense I ran at Callaway High School. We’re excited about getting it implemented here and seeing how it progresses.”

The Grangers kickoff the season with a road game against Upson Lee on Friday, August 21 at 7 p.m.

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