Smiths Station Panthers Start Summer Conditioning


As high school football conditioning returns in Alabama, there’s many new rules and procedures that teams have to follow. The Smiths Station Panthers are adapting to the new normal.

Before athletes walk out the door for practice, they go over a checklist of things they need. If you’re practicing in Alabama, don’t forget your mask.

“We bought these masks, they’re lightweight. They can wear them around their neck and then when they get ready they just pull it over there nose and mouth. That enables us to move in and out of the six feet range,” said Smiths Station Football head coach, Mike Glisson.

An added precaution for the safety of the athletes and their communities, but it comes at a cost.

“The precautions we’re having to take is taking a lot of money out of our program,” says Glisson. “I spent over $3,ooo on things I thought we had to have to be as safe as we could be. The worst thing [for the program] is that we get here for a few days and someones comes down with [coronavirus] and then you’re out for two weeks.”

There’s no room for a two week team quarantine after missing out on spring ball and workouts. The ultimate goal, is to make sure there is a football season

“We’ll get through this eventually. Let’s just get through it and be able to have football,” said Glisson. “If we mess it up we won’t be able to have football and that would be a big blow to our section of the country if we can’t play football.

Offense and defense conditions at a separate time so there’s no cross contamination. After coming up just short off birth the past two years, the panthers feel good about the 2020 season.

“I’m excited, I felt really good. In early March our kids were working out, getting bigger and stronger,” said Glisson. “I think we’re going to be a lot better then people think we’ll be and that’s a good thing.”

The Smiths Station Panthers start the season on august 21st when they take on Russell County.

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